UK Telco Provider

Discover how a major UK telecommunications provider tackled customer data segmentation and accounted for millions of pounds in revenue—satisfying executive management, business, and IT.

Business objective

The Telco company sought to enable executive management to make informed business decisions based on trust and confidence in information reported to them. They aimed to sort customer contracts into a complex, multi-level customer segmentation hierarchy in order to achieve a better understanding of where company revenue originated and identify areas for improvement.

Initial data challenges

Barriers to successful customer contract segmentation included:

  • Key gaps in available information
  • Specific data quality issues in existing data feeds
  • Cumbersome and slow-to-produce reports
  • Unmanaged and unreliable reference data
  • Multiple sources of information used, leading to data duplication

The result was an incomplete, inaccurate, inconsistent, and slow reporting function that left executive management unable to make informed business decisions as they had little trust or confidence in the information reported to them.

Project requirements

  1. Collect reference data relevant for segmenting customer contracts, and create a central repository of this reference data.
  2. Create and implement customer segmentation rules, and enable business to quickly generate accurate weekly reports for the company’s executive management.
  3. Deploy and configure an easy-to-use GUI to reduce IT costs by shifting responsibility for reference data changes to business users. Ensure a faster, cheaper response to changes and additions to reference data.



We enabled our customer to successfully categorize and segment their data, extracting useful information from it about contracts and associated revenues. Previously, the company was unable to draw connections between revenue earned and customer contract categories (such as public services, wholesale enterprises, retail franchises, sport companies, or healthcare). Our solution enriched customer records to allow the company a better understanding of their revenue sources and to easily export this information to generate accurate reports for executive management.

We also made it simple for company business users to access their reference data with Ataccama ONEs user-friendly GUI and make updates, corrections, and changes as needed.

Solution benefits


Better business decisions

Complete customer records and successful segmentation of these records gave management a better picture of revenue origins.

Executive management was able to rely on the information they received in weekly reports and make more informed business decisions.


UI Designed with Data Stewards in Mind

Ataccama ONE’s simple, easy-to-use interface allows business users to directly manage their data without costly help from IT.

Bulk import/export support and the ability to view the state of data at any given point in time (historical snapshot).


Business and IT are both satisfied

Reduced IT costs by developing a user-friendly GUI for Reference Data Management and shifting the responsibility of maintaining and updating reference data to business users.

A faster response to changes and additions to reference data.

Ataccama products used

  • Reference Data Manager (RDM) – a web app that keeps your reference data up to date, valid, consistent, and available throughout your organization. It provides the flexibility and workflow functionality needed to create an enterprise-wide Reference Data Management environment that is not only secure and powerful, but also easy to use.

  • Master Data Center (MDC) – a high-performance platform—optimized for demanding transactional environments—that makes consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data instantly available across a broad range of enterprise applications and internal systems.

  • Data Quality Dashboard (DQD) – an application providing a quick, accurate snapshot of the current state of your data, and an excellent tool for tracking data quality trends. For the Telco, DQD was used to analyze source data from multiple streams.

Interested in an RDM solution?

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