Why Our Company Needs Data Management

Ignoring data management can lead to some serious consequences – like the 20% of revenue US companies lose to low data quality maturity or the 88% of data integration projects that fail for the same reason.  

If you work with data, you already know data management is essential. That's why we've created this eBook. Use it as a guide for advocating data management and its benefits to the rest of your organization. Inside, you'll find the following:

  • The formal definition of data management.
  • A thorough analysis of how it can benefit your company's financials, efficiency, and compliance. 
  • Tons of facts and statistics from actual companies as evidence. 

Data-driven companies need data management tools. This eBook could be the first step on your path towards adopting those tools and more advanced data practices altogether. Enjoy! 

Ataccama - Why Our Company Needs Data Management

Why Our Company Needs Data Management