Best practices for protecting sensitive data in your organization

Best Practices for Protecting Sensitive Data in Your Organization

Every company wants to protect its data and keep it compliant with existing regulations such as The Privacy Act, GDPR, CCPA/CPRA, etc. However, most need help with its implementation. They are still determining where to start, as the number of tasks required to achieve compliance feels overwhelming. To unlock the value of their data without running risks or compromising security, companies need a set of guidelines adopted by successful teams as a base for their compliance framework.

That is why we published this ebook – a comprehensive collection of useful tips, practices, and protocols to keep your data secure. Our experience comes from over a decade of working with international enterprises and helping them meet their data activation and compliance use cases. We’ve delivered cataloging, MDM, and classification tools to companies such as T-mobile, Heineken, Teranet, and others for their data protection initiatives.