Unified Data Management Platform 

A unified data management platform is a tool that combines the six critical areas of data management into one self-service platform. It is a full stack suite containing a data catalog, quality tools, master data management, reference data management, data visualization, and data integration. 

Most of these services were provided by separate tools or companies in the past. You would need to run separate DQ tools on the data in your catalog, use a different data integration tool to transfer data into your MDM solution, etc. As the data management industry continues to grow and evolve, organizations realize the benefits of combining all of these services into one tool:

  • Data quality and the data catalog have several advantageous synergies 
  • Connecting your data visualization tool directly to your sources will save you time
  • Better automation of data management practice through shared metadata
  • reference and master data management are always better as a combined solution
  • and much more! 

Even better, having a unified data management platform will help you create data products – prepared datasets that are ready to use for analysis throughout the entire organization. These products will be sharable and reusable throughout your data teams. It’s easier to create them if your data management solution is already working as one solidified unit.