Data Stack

A data stack refers to technologies that allow you to organize, compile, clean, store, and analyze data. Every technology associated with data and these actions is a part of your data stack. It will contain technologies like data management software, a data warehouse, ETL tools, a data catalog, and much more. 

Technologies in your data stack can fall under five categories: 

  • Warehousing. This allows your company to keep all of its data in one place. You can warehouse data in either the cloud or an on-site location. 
  • Data Management. This category will provide software for profiling your data, monitoring its data quality, fixing data quality issues, applying business terms, and all other areas of data management. 
  • Loading. Technologies with this capability will be responsible for moving data from one location or system to another. 
  • Transforming. Transformation tools will allow you to change or prepare data into a usable format for analytics. 
  • Analytics. Tools here will allow you to derive valuable insights from your data. 

The tools you choose to populate your company’s data stack will directly impact the success of all your data initiatives. It is imperative to select tools that are efficient, have a good reputation, and employ the most modern innovations. Technologies that fit these criteria will set up your organization for leading the way in any data-driven market.