Ataccama provides critical data management solutions and technologies to help organizations maximize the value of their data. Whether the need is industry focused or technologically driven, Ataccama has the breadth of experience and capabilities to deliver real business value. Additionally, an extensive set of predefined templates, methodologies, knowledge bases and data models are included as a core part of the solution in order to speed up all project phases from initial concepts through technical implementation to organizational process definitions and roles description. As always, Ataccama’s experienced Professional Services are ready to help you handle any technical, architectural or process related requirements to ensure success.

By Industry


Financial Services

Critical data needs: Know your customer initiatives, anti-money laundering, risk management, FATCA


Critical data needs: Channels Management, integrated customer view, fraud prevention



Critical data needs: Clinical integration, electronic medical records, billing and payments


Critical data needs: Law/enforcement/security, interagency collaboration, tax compliance



Critical data needs: Network performance, new product development, customer retention


Critical data needs: Supply chain management, customer relationship management, analysis and forecasting



Critical data needs: Channels management, product management, single view of customer


Critical data needs: Intellectual property rights protection, content management, marketing



Critical data needs: Smart grid development, provisioning, metering/billing


By Technology


Data Cleansing

Evaluate, validate and correct your data

Data Quality Assessment

Identify and quantify business impacts of data quality issues


DQ Firewall

Prevent inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect data from entering the system

Match & Merge

Create a single view of the customer


Manual Data Quality Issues Handling

Identify and track issues that automated DQ tools cannot resolve

Big Data with Hadoop

Profile, discover, and integrate big data