Your Industry

In today's world, governments must adjust as technology permits the unparalleled movement of people, ideas and money to new political and economic centers. Citizens are expecting greater levels of transparency and easier access. Human Services (health, education, social) agencies must deal with information spread across multiple systems as they try to deliver effective, co-ordinated care. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies are attempting to cope with information silos and huge volume increases. And revenue authorities are attempting to find ways to maximize revenue without infringing on privacy.

Your Data

Many government agencies, particularly those involved with national security, law enforcement or revenue reporting, routinely deal with enormous databases. A major law enforcement agency maintains a database of more than a trillion records. In addition, most agencies are dealing with data flowing in from a variety of sources—both intra and extra agency—including data that may be entirely free-form, such as email or handwritten notes.

Your Solution

When a database is as large as the ones used by a government agency, a one in a million error can happen thousands of times a day. Considering how high the human stakes are in many of these situations, robust, scalable data quality and master data management solutions, such as those provided by Ataccama's technology, are an increasingly critical element for government operations.

The public sector industry must find ways to deliver essential services more efficiently and effectively, while finding ways to prevent fraud and criminal activity. This means finding better ways to use existing data that is often kept in separate databases, often across multiple agencies. Some specific applications include:

  • Tax compliance
  • Security and Law Enforcement
    • Address the integration and analysis issues associated with bioterrorism threats
    • Establish a Homeland Security budget
  • Support government information sharing requirements
    • Integrate virtually any data, turn it into useful information, and deliver it to anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Develop a model for interagency collaboration
  • Provide straight-through processing
  • Supply integrated HIPAA and HL7-compliant documents
  • Cut IT costs
    • Leverage existing lower-cost intranet systems to reduce the cost process

Your Real World Example

A major government healthcare organization was dealing with duplication, discrepancies and low-quality data across 10 overlapping source systems, leading to inefficiencies and user dissatisfaction. Alternate approaches, such as direct data synchronization or integration using a standard middleware solution, were complex and expensive. By implementing Ataccama Master Data Center, the agency was able to adopt a master data management approach that created a "single version of the truth" across the organization.

Solution Highlights:

  • Substantial increase in data quality in both primary and secondary (analytical) systems
  • DQ monitoring and reporting introduced (to enable DQM)
  • Accuracy of business reports increased
  • Elimination of manual procedures and costly implementation projects (ETL processes)