Because of its open architecture and integration between components, Ataccama’s technology provides a superior platform for creating data quality, governance and MDM solutions. We provide pre-built applications based on industry-specific data standards, multi-domain implementations or custom solutions designed by experts to meet your specific requirements. Ataccama is helping to ensure that organizations have the quality information required to be successful within their unique industry.


Financial Services

Critical data needs: Know your customer initiatives, anti-money laundering, risk management, FATCA


Critical data needs: Channels Management, integrated customer view, fraud prevention



Critical data needs: Clinical integration, electronic medical records, billing and payments


Critical data needs: Law/enforcement/security, interagency collaboration, tax compliance



Critical data needs: Network performance, new product development, customer retention


Critical data needs: Supply chain management, customer relationship management, analysis and forecasting



Critical data needs: Channels management, product management, single view of customer


Critical data needs: Intellectual property rights protection, content management, marketing



Critical data needs: Smart grid development, provisioning, metering/billing