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Innovate, overcome operational inefficiencies, comply with regulations, and embrace new data technologies with Ataccama’s industry solutions

Digital Transformation

Customer 360

Gain a better understanding of your customers, improve marketing and sales efficiency, and provide clean customer data to the whole organization

Data Hub for Smart Cities

Make data available across departments, enable data-driven innovation, and gain new insights about your city

Build a Data-Driven Organization

Get clean, reliable data from any domain, provide it within your organization, and create new data-driven products and services

Regulatory compliance

Protect Personal Customer Data

Comply with current and future privacy regulations, gain a better understanding of your data landscape, and gain insights into your customers

Spend Transparency for Life Sciences

Produce reliable spend reporting, get a single view of your customers, and improve your marketing and sales efficiency

Data functional solutions

Data Migration

Migrate data, improve data quality, and lay the foundation for strategic DQ and MDM

Portfolio Consolidation for Mergers and Acquisitions

Gain insights into merged portfolios and identify business opportunities

Groupwide Customer Data Integration

Gain new, deeper insights into your customers, enable more accurate marketing, and improve customer experience

Data Masking

Consistently and reliably mask large volumes of data at scale

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