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What is a Report Catalog? 

Data Catalog Data Quality Data Stories

Learn about report catalogs, a singular point of access for your company's reporting system.

Success Story

US Wireless Network Operator Automates PII Protection on Thousands of Databases

Data Catalog

US wireless network operator automated data classification for effective PII protection across 56,000 databases.


Looking back at Data People Summit 2022

Relive the Data People Summit 2022 with this comprehensive list of highlights, takeaways, and insights.

Analyst Research

The 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Quality Solutions

Data Quality

Download the report to learn Gartner’s perception of the strengths and cautions for individual data quality vendors, and see what makes Ataccama a…


The Best Approach to Data Quality Management: Combine Rules and AI

Data Quality Data Observability

Learn about rules-based vs. AI/ML anomaly detection pros and cons. Find out why the best solution is to have both!


Information for Customers: OpenSSL Vulnerability


On Thursday, October 27th, 2022, developers of the OpenSSL cryptography library had taken the unusual step of pre-warning that a critical update is…


Manual Data Quality Doesn’t Cut It in 2022: Here is How Automated Data Quality Works

Data Quality AI

Automation is the future of data management, and metadata plays a critical role. Learn how to automate the delivery of high quality data.


Just Announced! Ataccama ONE Version 14: Learn What’s Coming

Ataccama ONE version 14 is coming soon! Learn about the improvements we're bringing with this major update.


What is Anomaly Detection?

Data Quality Data Observability AI

Anomaly detection can help you find unwanted or unexpected values in your data. Learn more about it in this blog post.


Data Observability: Understand What It Is and How It Works

Data Observability Data Quality AI

Learn about data observability, why it's important, how it works, its key components, and more!


6 Reasons to Attend the Data People Summit

We're gathering all data passionate professionals in one place for the data conference of the year! Join us at Data People Summit '22!


3 Data Quality Management Success Factors from Latest Research

Data Quality

Learn what it takes to implement a successful data quality management program. We've distilled our research findings into three principles.


What is Metadata Management and Why it is Essential to Business Success

Data Governance Metadata Management Data Catalog

Learn what Metadata management is and why it's essential to business success.


Information for Customers: August Security Advisory Notes


Our monthly security advisory notes have been released for August. All customers with access to documentation can read more details on our support…


Our 150 Million Growth Investment and the Future of Ataccama

A brief summary of our recent investment opportunity and information on all the parties involved.


Automate the Delivery of High Quality Data

Data Quality AI Metadata Management

Manual data quality management via spreadsheets and coding is slow, inefficient, and costly. Learn the essentials of automated DQM in this whitepaper…


Top 10 Takeaways from WSJ Guide to Information Graphics

Data Visualization Data Stories

A summary of the best advice in the Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics


Data Governance vs. Business Agility: How to Achieve Harmony and Accelerate Innovation

Data Governance

Business agility requirements are often at odds with the governance needs of the organizations. However, there are ways to eliminate this conflict.


2022 State of Data Quality

Data Quality

A survey of more than 1,000 executives and business users reveals key factors that help today's companies succeed with data quality


5 Common Problems with Enterprise Reporting

Data Stories

Learn about common problems in Enterprise reporting so your company can build the optimal reporting strategy.

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