Ataccama ONE
Platform Features

Ataccama ONE connects business and IT. It’s collaborative and smart.

Complex data management for any data, domain, user, or deployment

From improving data quality to enabling a single viewpoint for data scattered across multiple applications, our vision is to unify our current product capabilities into a flexible, single platform with all the features of Ataccama’s popular product line, and with the major added benefits of being cloud-friendly and collaborative.

Any data

Ataccama ONE processes data from varied data sources. It can connect to any kind of database, including relational databases (e.g. Oracle, MS SQL, Teradata, DB2, etc.) and NoSQL databases (e.g. HBase, Cassandra, etc.). Ataccama ONE can read and write data in various file formats, including text files (i.e. delimited, fixed width, and complex files in mainframe formats), XML, JSON, Avro, Parquet, XLS(X), DBF, and more. Ataccama ONE also integrates with real-time data sources through message brokers (e.g. Kafka or JMS compatible queue) or web services (e.g. REST, SOAP).

Shared metadata repository and collaboration

Ataccama ONE enables data source definition and configuration, logical data models, business rules, complex mapping, and other project-specific configurations. All of this information is stored in a central metadata repository offering reusability and teamwork. Our collaborative configuration environment enables teams to work on a single, complex project together, benefiting from features like approval workflow, full audit history, and version management.

Any deployment

Any configuration defined in Ataccama ONE can be executed as a web service or local batch on an Ataccama server. As many of our customers are investing heavily in Hadoop and Spark-based environments where data quality and MDM are crucial to delivering on big data potential, Ataccama ONE configurations can also be executed on a Hadoop cluster as MapReduce or Spark.

High availability

Ataccama ONE is deployable in various high availability modes, including active-active, active-passive, and Active-HotStandby. High availability makes it possible to minimize system downtime and operate a system safely on a continuous, daily basis. The high availability requirement of Ataccama products is fulfilled through the special HABR (High Availability Balance Router) platform.

Identity management

Ataccama ONE supports role-based security, LDAP integration, single sign-on, and two-factor authentication.

Audit log and data lineage

Ataccama ONE provides full audit history. It stores detailed information about all applied business rules and transformations to both the record and data set levels.

Configurable orchestration and workflow management

Ataccama ONE gives you full control of your workflow management and task orchestration (both automated and manual).

Smart algorithms

From metadata discovery to data quality transformations, text analytics, and more, leverage our extensive set of smart algorithms across disciplines.

Native integrations

Although Salesforce offers basic data quality functionality, many organizations still struggle to maintain customer, contact, address and organization data clean, without duplicates, and consistent across Salesforce and other systems.

Ataccama DQC for Salesforce provides Salesforce users with powerful data quality validations for Private Individuals, Legal Entities, Contact and Address information and other data domains. Ataccama MDC for Salesforce automatically connects Salesforce to a master data hub, matching Salesforce Customer information to data from other systems in real time.

Contact to request more information about the Salesforce integration or a quick PoC to get a consolidated customer view, online data validation and standardization, a range of out-of-the-box validation and standardization components, and rich data stewardship functionalities.

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