Easy, powerful data profiling and analysis

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A critical task for today’s businesses of every size is identifying data issues before they become business issues. DQ Analyzer (DQA) combines advanced data profiling and analysis capabilities with a point-and-click interface that is simple enough for business managers to use without extensive training.

DQA may be simple, but it is not simplistic. It is a powerful tool that includes the robust, high-performance engine from Data Quality Center and offers an entire complement of the Ataccama expression language. What’s more, DQA offers IT professionals the opportunity to completely customize the process, from setting up business rules to parsing complex, unstructured fields.

Best of all, DQA is part of our complete family of products. What that translates to is the capability to upload analysis results directly into Data Quality Center for cleansing, standardizing, or de-duplicating your data.

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Features of DQA

  • Speed. Analyze millions of records in a matter of minutes.
  • Ease of use. Start profiling immediately using an easy-to-use wizard interface.
  • Flexibility. Use files or databases as an input.
  • Powerful. Get much more than "standard" data profiling statistics—such as pattern analysis, business rules checks, and drill-through capabilities using an embedded relational database.
  • Handles unstructured data. Parse and standardize cluttered data fields.
  • Preprocessing. Prepare your data before analyzing it—split it, join multiple sources, add new columns, or calculate values.
  • Rich expression language. Unlimited flexibility is based on the rich expression language, including regular expressions, which can assist users with validating formats and identifying specific strings of data within unstructured text.
  • Tutorials. Learn from basic, advanced, or complex project examples within the product, which is complemented by online video tutorials to help you get up to speed.

DQA Benefits

Start fast

Using DQ Analyzer is easy and convenient for beginners and seasoned data gurus alike. A wizard-like user interface for quick tasks is complemented by standard Ataccama configuration plans for advanced use.

Work fast

DQ Analyzer allows you to profile millions of records in a matter of minutes without the need to consume database processing time. This means that you can use data profiling at the time when you really need it, instead of waiting overnight to obtain your results.

Use regexp, business rules and rich expression language

If you know what these terms mean, you know how powerful they are. Parsing, standardization, preprocessing of data, joining multiple data sources—it's all available for advanced users.

Work smart

With the "drill-through" feature, you can easily identify particular records in the source data behind each profile statistic, be it frequency analysis, domain analysis, or duplicate records.

Take the first step towards fixing the problems

Identifying the problems in your data is the critical first step. Now it is time to do something about them. Upgrade to Ataccama Data Quality Center and you can simply import the results from DQA in order to cleanse, standardize, de-duplicate, geocode, and otherwise correct and enrich your data. Since it utilizes the same engine, language, and advanced user interface as DQA, you will experience a significant comfort level. In the event you are familiar with SOA, be aware that every DQC process can be published as a web service.