Data Discovery
& Profiling

Understand your data, identify data quality issues, and discover paths to improvement.

Take the first step to better data quality

High data quality is the bottom line of success for any organization, and data discovery and profiling is the first step in any data project. Know your data quality state to empower data users to make smarter, more informed decisions and prevent costly mistakes.

Data Profiling

Discover, analyze, and understand critical patterns in your data. Visualize the frequency analysis of values, uncover actual business content in your data (i.e. does this attribute contain only valid email addresses, just as I thought?), and represent relationships between entities. An accurate picture of your data is just one profile away.

Metadata Discovery & Definition

Overloaded with hundreds or thousands of unknown datasets? Afraid of all the sheer amount of manual configuration it will take to start working with your data? Employ smart, automated metadata discovery algorithms instead—and spend your time where it really counts.

Text Analytics & Unstructured Data Discovery

There is more to data than columns and rows. Turn your attention to unstructured data with Ataccama ONE. Use our platform to prepare, profile, and explore your text-based data content—from CRM notes to social media, emails, and call transcriptions—and fuel your smart text mining pipeline. Extract essential information about your customers from unstructured texts, and use it to strategize personalized marketing, content categorization, sentiment analysis, churn prediction, loyalty analysis, customer feedback, fraud detection, risk analysis, and competitive intelligence.

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