Metadata Management & Data Catalog

Access and leverage metadata for future projects

Keep track of your insights with Ataccama ONE Metadata Management & Data Catalog—a core component of the Ataccama ONE data curation platform. Acting as central storage for metadata, the data catalog automatically stores metadata about everything that is happening in all Ataccama ONE modules.

The business glossary allows you to collaboratively agree on terms in your organization. Terms are automatically mapped to real data sources in the data catalog during profiling, ensuring the data catalog is always up-to-date and synced with the business glossary.

Use Cases

Data Catalog

Take advantage of a comprehensive metadata management module, providing central storage for all metadata ever discovered or created in Ataccama ONE. This information is easily accessible and can be leveraged for future projects, providing the full context and native support for information governance. Search for entities across multiple data sources in one business-friendly interface.

All metadata is accessible via an API or the Ataccama ONE application, leveraging its common features such as self-service configuration, collaboration, workflow, and machine learning powered insights.

Business Glossary

Manage business terms in your organization. Terms are automatically mapped to existing data sets ensuring the data catalog and business glossary are always synced and up-to-date. Custom hierarchy structure allows organized storing of items into an unlimited hierarchy structure.

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Business Benefits

The data catalog provides full context about your data and all stored findings can be utilized for future projects

Search across multiple data sources

Share insights in the data catalog with your team

Data is automatically mapped with business terms and kept up-to-date in the business glossary

Easily view and generate insights via a business-friendly interface


Collaboration & Ease of Use

Stay in sync with access to a shared data catalog & business glossary and communicate with your team in a sleek interface.

Data Discovery on Multiple Sources

Easily profile your whole data warehouse with a single click. Discover the content and value of your data across multiple data sources and automatically tag it for future use.

Automated Mapping of Business Terms

Automated mapping ensures that the data catalog & business glossary are always synced and up-to-date.

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