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Build a comprehensive data quality solution

Looking to achieve more accurate, consistent, complete, unique, timely, and valid data? Wanting to prepare perfect input data for your data scientists? Implement a comprehensive data quality solution that responds to your specific business needs, and that’s robust, easy to use, flexible, powerful, scalable, fast, and fits your existing IT infrastructure. Improve your data quality to leverage the full potential of your data, avoid risky decisions, and save money.

Use Cases

Data Discovery & Profiling

Data discovery and profiling is the first step in any data project. Employ smart, automated metadata discovery algorithms to know the state of your data quality, empower data users to make smarter, more informed decisions, and prevent costly mistakes. Store your findings in a data catalog for future projects.

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Data Quality Monitoring & Reporting

Use AI and machine learning to keep information about your current data quality state readily available for faster, improved decision making. See trends, view full history, compare versions, and get accurate and timely visual reports shared across your company. Do all of this directly from a web app as part of a complete, end-to-end self-service scenario.

DQ Evaluation

Validation rule management is collaborative and easy-to-use, and provides results for a wide variety of business users and third party applications. With our flexible, modular platform, enjoy native integration with other Ataccama ONE modules and extend your solution to cover additional use cases (from data cataloging to MDM and more) as needed.

More Use Cases

Data Quality Standardization & Cleansing

Standardize, clean, validate, correct, and transform your data. Leverage an extensive set of predefined algorithms, or create your own. Harness available information from various data sources to make your data more complete and consistent. Best of all, do it all locally or in the cloud.

Data Quality Firewall

Prevent bad data from entering your systems with a powerful data quality firewall. Extend current cleansing and matching processes with a component preventing users from creating new data quality issues in your systems. Be confident that any and all edited or newly entered data is accurate.

Issue Tracking & Manual Resolution

Identify, monitor, and resolve data quality issues that cannot be resolved automatically. Detect and correct errors, perform manual cleansing, eliminate duplicates, and manually match and merge where automated processes are insufficient or prone to risk. Easily propagate the issue resolution and corrected data to all related systems, ensuring everyone works with the best data available.


Identify duplicate records representing the same entity (customers, patients, products, locations, or others) with deterministic or fuzzy matching rules. Use various edit distance metrics, phonetic algorithms, and other sophisticated methods to uncover hidden relationships in your data.

Anomaly Detection

Use AI to detect irregularities in data loads, including data volume changes, outliers, changes in data characteristics, and more. Watch it improve over time as the solution learns from the user’s approach to reported anomalies.

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Collaborative features of the Ataccama ONE platform enable teams to share projects and create effective workflows platform-wide. Data Catalog & Business Glossary features are at the core of this collaborative functionality.

Flexibility & Open Standards

Ataccama ONE is platform independent, based on open standards (XML, Web Services), and uses data models portable across existing database platforms. The solution can be easily configured using bundled administration applications without external tools or 3rd party applications.

AI & Machine Learning

Simplify and automate the configuration process, including automated metadata discovery, automated project configuration, and evaluation of results. AI is also used at runtime, including machine learning-based matching, cleansing and classification, active learning from user interactions (especially from issue resolution), and anomaly detection in data loads.

Big Data World Ready

Cover the entire data integration, ingestion, transformation, preparation, and management process, including data extraction, import to a data lake and Hadoop, cleansing, and general processing. This ensures data is ready for further analytics at the right place and time, and in the right format.

Other Features

Modern & Powerful Engine

Parallel data processing methods to ensure scalability. Enjoy incremental data processing in both batch and online processing modes.

Configurable Workflows

All aspects of the issue resolution process are fully configurable, including the number of steps in the workflow, conditions, permissions, and actions to be performed. Different workflows can be used for different types of issues, systems, or entities.

Full Audit History

Keep a full audit history of all changes made. This information can be readily used for determining “who, when, what, and why” as well as constructing advanced reports.

Role-based Security

Provide full, role-based security with the option to leverage organizational structure to provide even finer-grained access control based on an employee’s role or department using your existing LDAP and Single Sign-On solutions.

Full Range of Reports

Utilize a set of reports which allow managers to monitor the status of a process and data steward performance, both in current time and historically.

Data Domain Independent

Monitors the quality of your customer and product data at the same time, completely independent of data domain.

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