ONE Data: Create trusted data assets faster together

Import, understand, collaboratively improve, and provision data for agile governance without IT overhead.


Build lists of allowed values and use them in your enterprise rule library


Import invalid data, easily fix it, and provide back to sources or destination systems


Data discovery for data scientists and analysts on decentralized assets


Build a marketplace of trusted data sets and reports.

Use cases and powerful platform integrations

⚡ ONE Data + Data Quality

Lookups for data quality rules

Build lists of allowed values and use them in your enterprise rule library

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Import an existing dataset to ONE Data and make any necessary corrections.

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Build dynamic lookups that update with underlying data and use them in your data quality rules.

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Iteratively improve DQ monitoring accuracy by gradually updating lookups.

⚡ ONE Data + Data Quality

Data remediation

Easily import and fix invalid data

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Use Ataccama data quality monitoring to uncover and export invalid records to a collaborative data editing environment.

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Remediate any discovered data quality issues and create reliable datasets.

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Integrate trusted datasets back into your data flows and update source data.

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⚡ ONE Data + Data Stories

Fast data discovery & exploration

Data discovery for data scientists and analysts on decentralized assets

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Upload data sets to ONE Data, profile them, understand their contents, measure data quality, and create quick data visualizations.

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Make changes to the data to make it more useful to you.

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Export the improved data set to use in your project and save it in ONE Data for others to use.

Learn more about data exploration with Data Stories
⚡ ONE Data + Data Stories + Data Catalog

Build trusted reports

Build and maintain datasets for self-updating reports

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Use governed ONE Data assets to build trusted reports.

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Your report stays up to date as you update the data.

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Catalog reports in Ataccama ONE Catalog and make them accessible to others.

Learn more about Data Stories Learn more about Data Catalog
trusted reports

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Built to serve all people

ONE Data is built for business users and data people to collaborate on data asset creation without IT overhead.

Data Stewards
Shorten the time to data driven decisions with access to accurate data.
Straightforward access to a user friendly interface that can be leveraged by non-technical people.
Limit bottlenecks from other areas of your organization and transform data as you see fit.

Building, managing, and sharing data sets made easy


Self-service data onboarding

Onboard data from databases or drag & drop files (CSV, TSV, XLS, XLSX). Leverage automatic data type suggestions and self-service onboarding.


Data profiling & validation

Leverage a built-in, customizable library of reusable rules to validate assets imported into ONE Data. Grow this library with time to accommodate your needs and assets.


Data discovery & classification

Export data to database, files, or publish to the Ataccama ONE Data Catalog.


Self-service data editing

Add and edit data intuitively like you would in your favorite spreadsheet software, without involving data engineering or IT.


Filtering & sorting

Find, analyze, and edit the right records. Pause/play the filter to compare the records before and after the filter is applied.


Data export

When you onboard data, ONE Data automatically classifies data with automated algorithms and AI.


Integrate with other systems

Integrate with other systems via public read REST APIs.

Data Quality

Solve every data quality challenge in one platform

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