Data Profiling

Take the first step to data quality. Understand any data set or a whole data source, and discover paths to improvement with our free, easy-to-use data profiling tools.

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Data Profile Overview
Attribute Overview
Masked data

Easily check the contents of a data set before using it.

High data quality is the bottom line of success for any organization, and data profiling is the first step in any data project.

Empower data users to make smarter, more informed decisions, and prevent costly mistakes.

Who benefits from data profiling?

Business user

Can I switch from a phone to an email campaign?

System admin

What kind of data do we even store in this system?

Data scientist

Can I use this new data set for my model?

Data steward

Does this data set comply with business rules?

Stop writing SQL queries and Excel functions to understand your data. Use a data profiling tool designed for the job.

What’s in this data set?

Get a quick overview

See data domains and data quality highlights for each attribute.


Is this the attribute I am looking for?

Dive deep

See detailed information about any attribute and easily decide what to do next.

Duplicate counts
Patterns & masks
Primary key analysis
Numeric statistics
Drill down to data

Has data improved since the last profiling?

Watch progress over time

Re-profile data in one click and check whether the problems you identified were fixed.

Profile in bulk

Profile in bulk

Select as many tables in a data source as you need and profile them all in one click.

Blazing fast

Blazing fast

Get answers quickly thanks to our efficient processing engine.

Export results

Export results

Share results directly in the web app or export to HTML and XML.


Join the 55,000+ using our industry-leading data profiling tools. They’re free.

Choose the tool that best suits your needs.

Ataccama ONE Profiler

DQ Analyzer



Designer for

Business users
Data engineers
Data stewards
Data scientists


  • Profile data directly from your browser.
  • Install in minutes on any Windows machine.

Profiling results

  • Easy to understand widgets in a clean, modern UI.
  • Automatic detection of business domains, such as name, email, address, credit card, country codes, ZIP codes, and more.
  • Advanced profiling metrics, such as foreign key analysis.
  • Drill down to source data.


  • Profile a whole database schema with a few clicks or simply drag and drop a file.
  • Join data sets, filter, and easily transform data.
  • Configurable pattern checks.
  • Check data against business rules.

Other highlights

  • One-click profile refresh for any data source: get the current state of your data.
  • Your data is securely stored and you can always delete it.
  • Connect to any JDBC source.




Data profiling is just the beginning

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Data profiling is just the beginning Data profiling is just the beginning

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