2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Data Quality Solutions
We're a Leader again! Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Data Quality Solutions

Flexible Data Integration

Integrate data from a variety of sources, improve data quality, and deliver reliable to user in a variety of styles.

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Data Sources
Data Source Overview

Easily create, test, and deploy data integration pipelines

Easily create, test, and deploy data integration pipelines

Do it your way

Flexible ETL

Whether you need to implement a predefined data pipeline without seeing the data, interactively work with data, or transform data directly in the data lake, it’s all supported.


Save time preparing transformation pipelines

Integrate data from any source

Save development time by deploying reusable configurations and distributing workloads on local, big data, and cloud environments. Then, integrate processing outputs into a data store of your choice.


Data quality is taken care of

Built-in data quality capabilities

Validate data and improve data quality while integrating data. Use hundreds of pre-built transformations and DQ functions, or easily create and reuse your own.



Schedule workflows and configure triggers to launch and queue pipelines.



Use metadata stored in the Data Catalog to efficiently construct data integration pipelines.


A powerful application for data engineers

BA single interface to ensure data management and governance
Manage resources
Manage all projects, connections, and metadata from one place.
Transformation library
Choose from hundreds of available transformations and functions
Convenient canvas for building pipelines
Configure the transformation logic in a point-and-click manner and Ataccama expressions
Test and debug problems
See configuration problems and pipeline performance

Exceptional data integration features

Data transformation

Join, filter, group, aggregate data from multiple sources, write results to files, databases, or any other supported system, including our Data Catalog.

Zero coding
Interactive transformations
Reusable components

Web services

Publish any pipeline as a web service and use it from your own applications to transform or enrich data.


Data masking

Consistently mask data, create data for test environments, and transfer anonymized data to the cloud. Our smart engine preserves data quality and characteristics.


Identify duplicate records representing the same real-world entity (customers, patients, products, locations, or others) with deterministic and fuzzy matching rules or AI-based algorithms while integrating data.

Data standardization & cleansing

Standardize, cleanse, validate, enrich, and match data as your applications need. Easily move from configuration to testing and deployment. Integrate data quality with existing ETL and CI/CD pipelines.

Data preparation

Easily join and transform data with Ataccama ONE and get your data into shape for your project fast. Thanks to native integration with the data catalog, find or import the right data easily.

Zero coding
Interactive transformations

External data enrichment & validation

Plug in modules to connect to 3rd party, industry standard data enrichment & validation services.

Dun & Bradstreet
Bureau van Dijk

Call any external API or even scrape web pages.


Manage the execution and scheduling of jobs. Track performance and results from an administration console.

Built for all data people

Ataccama ONE is made for fast analytical teams, highly regulated governance teams, and technical data teams alike.

Data Stewards
Easily connect to a variety of data sources and catalog your data
Test data integration pipelines on different data without extra configuration
Flexibly create custom data transformations
Business Users
Find the right data
Understand the content and quality of data
Export data for further analysis
Transform and prepare data

All data people can do their job better and faster when they can access and trust enterprise data, and see how it’s used.

Reliable, scalable engine


Vertical scaling

Ataccama ONE benefits from increased resources of individual server nodes (CPU cores and RAM for in-memory processing).


Decoupled configuration

Configure data integration pipelines independently of data source and execution environment.


Horizontal scaling

Process any data volumes within a given data processing timeframe with Hadoop, Spark, and Kubernetes clusters.

Integration styles

Batch: structured, semi-structured, text files, XML, and complex formats

Online: SOAP and REST APIs

Messaging (JMS)


Distributed processing: Databricks, Amazon EMR, Cloudera, and Hortonworks

Data sources

Relational and NoSQL databases

Files: Avro, Parquet, ORC, TXT, JSON, CSV, Excel

Cloud data sources: Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon S3, and other S3 compatible storages

Adapters for industry-standard message formats

AWS Glue Data Catalog, Hive, HBase

Streaming integration with Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis

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