Establishing Clean Analytics with Microsoft Azure Synapse, Ataccama & Adastra

July 9, 11 am EDT

Smart data management and governance helps move businesses forward by empowering decision makers with high value analytics. Organizations can build a culture of data and pervasive analytics by providing a clean and complete data story (lineage, history, cleansing, etc.) to foster confidence and promote adoption.

Join Microsoft, Adastra, and Ataccama as we review step-by-step how to launch AI-driven data management and governance for clean analytics. Our webinar will share the symbiotic relationship between analytics and data governance, and will highlight how Azure Synapse and Ataccama work together to drive enterprise intelligence in the age of data proliferation and the digital economy.

Join the webinar to learn more about:

  • The importance of clean data for analytics
  • How Azure Synapse can power your analytics
  • How smart data management & governance enables analytics

Habits of Successful Data Governance Programs|Independent Analyst Research
Andy Hayler
Andy Hayler CEO The Information Difference
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