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Self-Driving Data Management to Overcome Regulatory Data Challenges for Financial Institutions

An ever-increasing number of requirements and regulations such as FATCA, KYC, Basel, Solvency, and others requires banks and financial institutions to deploy highly effective data management solutions. This includes having systems in place to monitor data quality and integrity, ensure correct governance processes, and more. Often, there is a great deal of manual work needed to maintain and derive needed value from these solutions.

Join this session to learn how to automate your enterprise data management activities with AI and enjoy a truly ‘self-driving’ experience that dramatically reduces the need for manual input and technical resources. Learn how to meet your data management requirements easily and automatically, including:

  • Cataloging your data
  • Assigning business terms and automatically identifying data domains such as PII
  • Assign your data owners and stewards, and enforce data governance policies
  • Ensure data integrity with monitoring and improved data quality understanding
  • Alert data stewards to sudden changes in data quality
  • Understand data structures, data lineage and how attributes in reports are calculated
  • Manage access policies to your data, mask and hide data systematically or ad hoc as needed
This session is part of Data Champions Online: Financial Services (December 1-2).
Nick Stammers Nick Stammers
Nick Stammers
VP, UK & EMEA, Ataccama
Martin Zahumensky Martin Zahumensky
Martin Zahumensky
Chief Growth Officer, Ataccama
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