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Master Data Management 101

March 4, 3:30pm AEDT

2020 changed how businesses operate. Looking for ways to stay competitive in the new year and beyond? Your business decisions and products need to be data-driven, and your enterprise can't do that without trusted, reliable master data.

Join our fast-paced, example-driven session and learn more:

  • MDM fundamentals: What is master data management and why do I need it? What are the most common barriers to successful MDM implementation, and how can I avoid them?
  • Multi-domain MDM and why it’s on everyone’s wishlist: Customer, product, vendor, asset, reference data & more
  • Building and supporting the MDM business case: Business sponsorship, driving the process, etc.
  • Why MDM without data quality or a data catalog just isn’t what it could be
Anna Sadokhina Anna Sadokhina
Anna Sadokhina
Product Owner, Ataccama
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