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Managing Data at Speed: Powering Business Growth with Innovative Data Practices

April 21, 1pm EDT

Data management & governance has often been an afterthought for companies, leading to a defensive & reactive approach, disconnection with business strategy, and difficulties demonstrating incremental business value. In this session, Fiona Fox will share a case study outlining how Varo Bank is approaching managing and optimizing their data, where:

  • They know great data practices & quality data have the power to enable exponential business growth, and
  • They have the opportunity to implement data management at the very start of a company’s journey.

In this session we will explore:

  • The challenges and opportunities with standing up a Bank with comprehensive Data Management & Governance concurrently
  • What kind of framework supports this unique use case
  • Small team, big progress: the value of integrated, AI/ML data management capabilities
  • How many of these practices can be applied at established companies
  • Key lessons learned and the path forward for companies beyond 2021

This session is part of the Enterprise Data World conference (April 18-23).
Fiona Fox Fiona Fox
Fiona Fox
Head of Data Governance, Varo
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