Webinar with MANTA: Leverage Data Lineage to Meet the Demands of Analytics and Regulatory Compliance

Hear from industry analysts, Ataccama clients & other market experts

May 28, 10 am AEST

Attend this session to understand how data lineage will help you:

  • Simplify the consumption and understanding of data flow throughout the enterprise
  • Manage the impact of application changes on downstream systems
  • Decipher complex algorithms in systems that supply data to the “Data Lake”
  • Enable historical review of the entire data lifecycle
  • Increase trust in data for analysts and data citizens/scientists

Learn through various use cases how companies are taking advantage of lineage to realize these benefits.

Ready to get started?

The New Normal: Why Customer MDM is Key
Tomas Bolek
Tomas Bolek VP Presales Ataccama
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