Data Governance & Data Quality in Cloud & Hybrid Environments

September 3, 2 pm AEST

Offloading and moving data to the cloud often results in a hybrid cloud architecture, with data residing in different locations—on-prem, public, private cloud, and/or SaaS applications. This creates a completely new challenge, making it more complex to extract business insights and keep your critical data under control, governed, and trusted by users.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • Data management & governance challenges for a hybrid cloud architecture
  • Essential data management components to maintain data quality and trust
  • The specifics of hybrid cloud deployments, including what to look for in data management tools for the cloud (including scalability, edge computing, and more)

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Habits of Successful Data Governance Programs|Independent Analyst Research
Andy Hayler
Andy Hayler CEO The Information Difference
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