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Ataccama Innovate

April 7-8

Ataccama Innovate is coming your way! Get ready for a virtual event full of next-gen technology for data governance, data quality, MDM, and more.

Democratize Access to Your Data to Get Ahead

Presenting results of our global survey on the data readiness of organizations, the perspectives of C-level executives vs. business users, and how self-driving data management can solve many of your current challenges.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee on Innovating with Data

The Inventor of the World Wide Web shares his thoughts on how data enables innovation, and why data democratization should be prioritized across all industries and organizations.

The Future of Data Management Beyond 2021

Session with Gartner Analyst Ehtisham Zaidi to understand how Gartner perceives data management beyond the year 2021, hear recommendations for your organization.

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