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The retail bank overcame data-related organizational challenges implemented a standardized, integrated customer data hub.

Business objective

KB Bank, a member of the Société Générale international financial group, aimed to overcome data-related organizational challenges and replace their existing data management system with a standardized, integrated customer data hub.

Project requirements

  1. Build a customer data integration hub that was modern, robust, scalable, and fully operational.
  2. Fully integrate their Data Management solution with existing systems and batches, and in real-time.
  3. Consolidate and provide customer data across the bank and all daughter companies.
  4. Improve and manage data quality to overcome existing data limitations and make easy changes and additions.
  5. Implement technical requirements for a fully transactional solution, ensuring that if crashes or other damage occurred, the system could revert to the last consistent state. The solution also needed to support manual exceptions.

Solution and products used

Ataccama built a flexible, scalable Master Data Management hub for integrating customer data across the banking group at KB. We made customer master data more reliable, enabled accurate prospect identification, and centralized consent management and authorization with Ataccama Master Data Center (MDC)—a high-performance platform that makes consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data instantly available across a broad range of enterprise applications and systems.

Solution benefits


Reliable customer master data: Ataccama developed an accurate, near real-time source of customer master data and related product information. We performed data cleansing and set up a Data Quality Firewall for the teller system and internet banking.


Consolidated data across the entire group: While the original master data solution was limited to 4 daughter companies, the Ataccama solution consolidated data and information across all group entities.


Prospect identification: Customer data was matched against a public registry to help ensure its accuracy. This registry included information such as customer and prospect names, relationships between companies, shareholder details, and more.


Centralized consent management and authorization was implemented for customer data, making it clear to all groups and departments which data could be legally used for which purposes.


Household and group identification was especially beneficial to the marketing department, enabling them to offer loans not only to individual people but to households or other groups of customers as appropriate.

Implementation challenges

We performed massive online & batch integration to critical banking systems:




data sources





Stats (data volumes, sizing, performance)

Daily Volumes


Web services handle around 40,000 requests per day.


Incremental batch data load processing approximately 600,000 changes daily.

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