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Christian Trapichler

Senior Data Quality Governance Manager Raiffeisenbank International


GDPR: European Banking Group

Ataccama implemented centralized consent management and authorization for the bank’s customer data, laying the foundation for GDPR compliance.

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Avast Software

GDPR, Customer Master Data

Learn how Avast engaged Ataccama to deliver a complete customer master data solution to improve their customer experience and ensure compliance with the highest of data privacy standards (such as GDPR).

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Banking Group: Consumer Data Protection

Banking & Finance

Learn how a major banking group effectively implemented a customer data integration and centralized consent management solution with Ataccama.

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UK Insurance


The specialist insurance and underwriting company tackled data quality challenges to ensure that only high quality data is used for company analysis and regulatory reporting.

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Banking, Finance

Encountering conflicting and disparate data sources? As transaction volumes increase, companies must ensure that data entering their systems is correct, reflects an accurate customer relationship, and meets data privacy requirements. Create a system that supports the data-driven development of new products and services, implement more efficient and effective operations, and prevent money laundering and other fraudulent activities. Some of the examples of Banking and Finance-specific applications include:

  • A single view of the customer for risk management and customer.360 for marketing purposes (product ownership, predictive modeling, cross-sell, up-sell, and campaign targeting)
  • Private individual and commercial entity relationships, householding, GCC
  • Reputational risk mitigation & consent management
  • Fraud prevention
  • Data consolidation after M&As
  • Application and Credit Scoring, improved counter-party identification
  • Reporting/performance management (monitoring data quality in the DWH loads, providing clean and consistent data for reporting)
  • Group-level data consolidation
  • Regulatory requirements (reporting, anti-money laundering, KYC, centralized blacklists, Basel II, IRB, FATCA, GDPR)

Ataccama supports the whole portfolio of data curation use cases in all verticals.

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Ataccama Deloitte

Translating GDPR requirements into a comprehensive data solution.

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