Press Kit

Download our press kit with all logo assets you might need.

Download all logos 11MB zip

Logo guidelines

The Ataccama logo appears in either black, violet or white. No other colors are permitted. The logo has three forms - horizontal, horizontal in a rectangle, and the symbol.

Ataccama logo

The shape, proportion, color, and orientation of the logo should not be altered. Use it in black, violet, or white, and only as it appears below.

Required clear space

No foreign objects (graphics, photos, text, etc.) should be placed within the protective zone of the logo. This protective space is determined by the height of the letter “a.” We recommend using a protective zone that is even larger than this.

With any questions about our logo or logo usage, reach out to JoEllen.

JoEllen Lukavec Koester

Analyst Relations Manager
+1 (905) 881-3066

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