Certification overview

Ataccama ONE v13

Certified Professional

Data Quality & Governance
Foundation Level

Earners of this Certification must demonstrate practical skills in the basic capabilities of the Ataccama ONE Data Quality & Governance Suite. They must understand how to create Data Quality (DQ) projects, connect to source systems, profile their data sets, and create/apply DQ rules. The certification also addresses skills to configure and deploy a monitoring project which will allow you to monitor your data quality over time. The certification covers the following modules of Ataccama ONE:

  • Ataccama ONE Catalog & Glossary
  • Ataccama ONE Profiling & Discovery
  • Ataccama ONE Rules & Monitoring
  • Ataccama ONE Desktop

Certification Criteria:

Must-Have: Successful completion of certification Exam containing theoretical part (multiple choice questions) and practical hands-on lab.

Recommended: Attendance in the Certification exam Training (not mandatory, may be replaced by the practical experience of minimum 12 months hands-on configuration experience with Ataccama DQ Suite).

Attendees who exchange a minimum of 12 months hands-on experience for the must have training and do not succeed in passing the certification exam must attend the certification training for subsequent certification exam attempts.

Details of the Certification Training:

Instructor-lead virtual hands-on lab to learn how to get started with Ataccama DQ

This course enables you to use and configure Ataccama Data Quality (DQ) Suite as quickly as possible. The course is designed for those new to Ataccama, who want to get ready to deliver DQ solutions on the Ataccama platform. It focuses on the foundational capabilities of Ataccama DQ Suite, and serves as a prerequisite for the subsequent Ataccama courses, as the skills learned here apply to all Ataccama modules.

Quick start your Ataccama DQ solutions journey, and prepare for the certification exam.

What to expect:

  • Senior Ataccama instructors will walk you through theoretical background coupled with hands-on labs to learn the key Ataccama DQ suite features.
  • You follow along in your training license of Ataccama ONE installed on your computer.
  • Each day, you will complete a “mini-test” to prepare you for the final exam on the last day of the training.
  • If successfully passed, you’ll become the “Certified Ataccama Data Quality and Governance Professional – Foundation Level (v13)”.

The training is designed for:

Data quality and data management professionals who work in the role of technical data steward, data quality engineer, data quality solution consultant, or Ataccama ONE power user who:

  • Are new to Ataccama and want to get ready to deliver DQ solutions on the Ataccama platform
  • Are committed to attend the full program and actively participate
  • Are looking to learn the foundational Ataccama DQ features and use-case configurations, to quick-start their Ataccama solutions journey.


36 hours (including certification exam)

10x 3-hour session of virtual class & 2x 3 hours certification exams

  • ONE Catalog & Glossary - 1x session
  • ONE DQ Foundation - 2x sessions
  • ONE Desktop Core - 4x sessions
  • ONE DQ Advanced - 3x sessions

2x 3 hours certification exams

  • ONE Desktop
  • ONE Web Application


Basic knowledge of data management and data quality, including familiarity with SQL, database concepts, and data analysis


Session 1 ONE Catalog & Glossary

  • ONE Introduction
  • Cataloging Items
  • Glossary Terms

Sessions 2-3 ONE DQ Foundation

  • ONE Rules
  • ONE Projects

Sessions 4-7 ONE Desktop Core

  • Introduction to ONE Desktop
  • Reading & Writing Operations
  • Data Profiling
  • Flow Control Steps
  • Best Practice & Conventions
  • Expressions
  • Data Transformation Steps
  • Step Debugging
  • Scoring & Explanation Codes
  • Lookup & Dictionaries

Sessions 8-10 ONE DQ Advanced

  • Virtual Catalog Items
  • Component Rules
  • Post Processing
  • ONE Web App Integration
  • ONE Server Integration

Session 11 ONE Desktop

  • First Examination

Session 12 ONE Web Application

  • Second Examination

Participants’ workstation minimum requirements:

CPU: minimum 4 cores 2 GHz
RAM: minimum 16 GB, recommended 32 GB
HDD: minimum 2 GB free space, recommended 5 GB
Recommended: MS Windows 10
Supported: MS Windows 10, RHEL/CentOS 6+ and SLES 11+


Ataccama ONE training license will be distributed to training participants

Interested in attending the certification course?

Please contact training@ataccama.com

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Learning path:

Next recommended certification course: Ataccama ONE v13 Certified Professional - Data Quality & Governance - Expert Level (coming soon).