6 Reasons to Attend the Data People Summit

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Our most exciting event is on October 20-21 in Boston – The Data People Summit! We are bringing data people together to get trained, exchange best practices, and get inspired. You'll have the opportunity to:

  • take cutting-edge training courses from data management specialists
  • get a sneak peek at the new features on our v14 platform (including self-service DQ and data observability on snowflake)
  • meet Ataccama's product experts and solution architects
  • much more!
Learn about everything you can expect from the event below! Or, if this is exciting enough, register now.

#1 Get trained by EDM Council

Want to further your knowledge of data management? Learn from John Bottega (President), Mike Meriton (Founder & COO), and Diana Ascher (Head of Research) at the EDM Council. They will conduct courses on some of the hottest topics in the data management space, including data management capabilities, cloud data management, and data ethics. All training sessions are included with your on-site Data People Summit ticket.

If you enjoy the training, we are raffling off $30,000 (3 winners X $10,000 each) in training certification credits to continue your education with the EDM council!

Primer Course 1: DCAM

EDM Council’s Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM® v2.2) is the cross-industry standard assessment framework for data and analytics management. DCAM can be used to start a new data management program or to assess and benchmark the progress of an existing program to assure sustained funding and strategic buy-in.

Primer Course 2: CDMC

The Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework addresses the challenges and defines the best data management practices in the cloud computing era. Join this training session to further your knowledge on adopting cloud and hybrid cloud ecosystems. The framework has been developed with participation from the world’s top cloud service providers, including AWS, Google Cloud, IBM, and Microsoft.

Primer Course 3: Data Ethics & Responsible AI

This mini-course delves into the importance of Data Ethics & Responsible AI in data management organizations. Identify basic ethical principles about data and consider the implications of several case studies and current events in an interactive setting. Learn how to recognize the Data Ethics aspects of the DCAM framework for application in real-world situations.

Learn more and register at the event page!

#2 Get trained on Ataccama tools

If you're looking for a crash course on the Ataccama ONE platform, you've come to the right place. We're offering entry-level training (Track One) and deep technical dives on advanced topics (Track Two). Both tracks will take place throughout days 1 & 2 of the event and have multiple course topics each day. Feel free to pick and choose which are the most relevant to you.

You will receive a training badge at the end of each course set! Show off to your colleagues with either the introductory or advanced Data People Summit '22 "Trained Professional" badges.

Track one: beginner

Track one is mainly for beginners who want to understand Ataccama and our tools better. It offers the following courses:

  • Data Quality 101. Learn about fundamental data quality concepts and gain a foundational understanding of data quality as a discipline.
  • Ataccama Data Quality & Governance: Business User Training. A session tailored for end users of the ONE platform. Learn how to navigate the data quality and governance modules of Ataccama ONE and get a jump start when your company's solution is up and running.
  • Data Quality Rules. Learn how to configure DQ rules in the Ataccama DQ suite.
  • Master Data Management 101. Learn the basics and gain a fundamental understanding of MDM. Discover different MDM styles and the typical layers of an MDM solution.
  • Ataccama MDM Introduction & Logical Modeling. After gaining a conceptual understanding of MDM, take this course to take a deeper look, learn how to expand on a customer MDM model, and see the benefits it could have for your organization.

Track two: advanced

Track two is a great refresher course for anyone who wants to brush up on their skills or dig deeper into complex data management topics. It offers the following courses:

  • Data Quality and Governance Events. This course will teach you how to automatically send notifications (e.g., emails) to specific people/roles in your organization when a data quality or governance event occurs.
  • Post-Processing. Join this session to see different options for sending DQ processing results to a third-party app.
  • GraphQL. Learn the ins and outs of using GraphQL. Learn how to bulk import/export catalog items/terms/rules.
  • How to Configure MDM Matching Rules. Explore various functions to implement exact and fuzzy matching. Gain the knowledge to start creating your own fuzzy logic to support use cases where names might be similar.
  • Ataccama MDM Performance Tuning. Learn how to optimize the performance of your MDM deployments.

#3 Get to talk to Ataccama executives and the product team (and others)

Meet the people behind Ataccama's excellent products. You'll have several opportunities to meet face to face with top-ranking executives and developers at our company. Ask about the product, our company, life in the Czech Republic, our perspectives on the ever-evolving data market, and whatever you're curious about! You'll also get a chance to pose your toughest questions at a dedicated Q&A session.

Some of the key team members you can expect are:

  • Michal Klaus (CEO)
  • Martin Zahumensky (Chief Product & Technology Officer)
  • Marek Ovcacek (Chief Product Evangelist and VP of Platform Strategy)
  • Lenka Studničná (Platform Product Manager)
  • Sukesh Reddy (Solution Architect & Managing Consultant)
  • Matthew Taylor (Project & Solutions Director)
  • Many more!

There will also be experts and professionals from AWS, Microsoft, and Forrester, giving talks and their perspectives on the current development in the data space. The current lineup of speakers includes:

  • Forrester: Noel Yuhannna (VP, Principal Analyst)
  • Microsoft: Svetlana Reznik (General Manager, Customer Success)
  • AWS: Speaker TBD
  • Bain Capital: Speaker TBD
  • Boston Consulting Group: Speaker TBD

#4 Join a data talk by a NASA Astronaut

In one of the most anticipated talks of the event, attendees will get the chance to meet real-life pioneers and groundbreakers: Colonel Eileen Collins and Ginger Kerrick.

Colonel Collins was the first female Space Shuttle Pilot and Mission Commander in NASA history. Ginger Kerrick was the first Latina director of Nasa Mission Control and a 30-year veteran of the Johnson Space Center.

Their talk will be a moderated conversation, covering data (and its role in space travel), female leadership at NASA, and other fun topics.

#5 Be the first to see the latest innovations we’re introducing and request early access

Our product team is arriving in Boston to showcase the new products and features you can expect in Ataccama ONE version 14. You’ll get a chance to request early access and sign up for a free trial of our new self-service data observability offering! Besides the keynote delivered by our CPTO Martin Zahumensky, the sessions will include:

  • Presenting data observability. No more broken data pipelines. Trust your data and catch data errors before their break your reports. Now you can configure system monitoring in just a few clicks (with no rule configuration)!
  • Full stack data quality on Snowflake. Ataccama has partnered with Snowflake to make data quality easy, accessible, and efficient on one of the world’s most popular cloud data warehouses.
  • Easy data product creation with ONE Data. Do teams in your company collaborate on creating data sets but spend days looking for the right source and end up duplicating data? No more of that with ONE Data, our new collaborative data management module that teams import, edit, and share data sets directly from the data catalog in a centralized, governed environment. Learn more at this deep dive!
  • Collaborative and automated data catalog. The future of data democratization is here. With the latest updates to our catalog, you will be getting new team collaborative features, workflows, automation, and much more!
  • Ataccama Cloud Update. Get a sneak peek of the future of self-service Ataccama ONE deployment and how it works under the hood.

#6 The $200 early bird price is ending soon

The early-bird special price is just $200, ending on September 16!

Register for the Data People Summit today!

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