Ataccama ensures the success of your investment in our technology. We provide unmatched service to our worldwide customers and partners through commitment to customer satisfaction and dedication to personalized support. Latest support alerts can be found at (registration is required to access support resources).

Support for DQ Analyzer


Support for DQ Analyzer is provided through the community site. Users may use this site to report issues, share experiences, and provide ideas to the development team. The questions are answered primarily by Ataccama support specialists, but everyone is welcome to comment on items posted by others. Registration is quick and simple—only an e-mail address is required.

Support for Other Products (DQC, MDC, RDM, DQD, DQIT, Big Data Analyzer, Big Data Engine)

Incident Recording via Ataccama Web Helpdesk


All support requests are recorded in Ataccama Web Helpdesk application. This provides the facilities for both support staff and management to view call status, assign calls, escalate calls as well as integrate historical call data into a “knowledge base” to ensure prompt resolution. Customers may also access the system to monitor incidents.

Ataccama Web Helpdesk serves as a single point of entry for all incidents. Timestamp provided by Ataccama Web Helpdesk is decisive for the response and resolution times. While support incidents may be recorded at any time via the Ataccama Web Helpdesk, response times will be in line with the corresponding Service Level(s) as agreed upon by the customer (e.g., for calls raised overnight CET time, the clock will not start ticking until 08:30 hrs on the next working day for Standard plan).

Incident Recording by Telephone

Support incidents may be recorded at all given times as provided by the corresponding support plan via telephone, along with recording the incident in the Ataccama Web Helpdesk. Timestamp provided by Ataccama Web Helpdesk is decisive for the response and resolution times. Telephone reporting must be used for all Showstopper and Critical incidents, in addition to report submitted via Ataccama Web Helpdesk. Customers with Gold and Platinum Service Support Contracts will be provided with an "out of hours" telephone number.

Support Questions by Email


Ataccama product support questions may be sent by email at any time.

Incident Ticket Number

The Ataccama Web Helpdesk generates a “Ticket Number” which is the key reference number used to associate all communications, actions and information to the incident. Once the incident has been recorded the customer will automatically be sent an email containing the Ticket Number. Receipt of the Ticket Number confirms that the Incident has been recorded in the Ataccama Web Helpdesk. The Ticket Number must be recorded by the customer; for email communications the Ticket Number will be included in the email title which must not be changed or amended by the customer.

Support—Incident Report

Information to be provided in the Initial Incident Report:

  • License Key
  • Full details of the problem and, if possible, the steps to reproduce it.
  • When the problem arose and if there were any prior events that might be connected
  • Contact telephone number for a customer representative who can assist with problem resolution. Note: Product support services are provided for current and 2 past major releases. Ataccama typically releases new major version every 6 months.

Information the customer should have available:

  • Admin User IDs and Passwords for the Ataccama systems
  • Network information (preferably a network diagram showing network connections, firewalls, servers/hosts, IP addresses etc.) to help the Ataccama engineer understand the customer’s network environment
  • Backup copies of previous Ataccama configurations and diagnostics log files