Your Industry

Over the last decade or so, the retail industry has been completely transformed. Today, competitors can come from anywhere around the world and be well-established firms or start-ups. Customers expect to be able to interact with a retailer across multiple channels—online, in person, on the phone, via the mail—and receive the same high-level of service every time. And with the rise of social media, traditional marketing has become less effective at building customer loyalty.

Your Data

Retailers are at the center of a web of data that connects manufacturers to consumers and tracks goods across the entire supply chain. On any given day, retailers may need to deal with EDI data from suppliers, bar codes captured by a warehouse management system, information keyed into the system by customer service reps, data captured by POS systems and online orders.

Your Solution

Retailers need systems that will let them take cost out of the supply chain. They also need to be able to develop a 360 degree view of the customer in order to support more targeted marketing and to enhance the buying experience. And, of course, retailers need to meet evolving privacy and regulatory requirements. At a minimum, that means retailers need to invest in superior data quality technology, such as provided by Ataccama, to ensure accurate data and to set the stage for more powerful master data management solutions.

In an environment where the competition may be the small store next door or a major retailer in another country, retailers need to be able to leverage information in new and more effective ways. They need to be more responsive to changing customer demands even while finding ways to become more efficient and keep costs down. Typical applications include:

  • Single View of Customer
    • Increase up-sell and cross-sell conversions
    • Enhance customer lifetime value
    • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Managing across multiple channels
    • Present a single brand image
    • Create a consistent shopping experience across channels
    • Better align marketing efforts
  • Product Management
    • Improve price management through the ability to manage product data in a centralized product information repository
    • Control inventory and restocking
    • Enhance merchandising analytics
    • Accelerate time-to-market launches

Your Real World Solution

A company that provides an online sales order management solution for specialty retailers was facing a challenge as business grew. Part of the value the company delivers depends on comprehensive and accurate data; but increasing volumes were making that difficult. The company turned to Ataccama Data Quality Center for its scalability and power, which have cut processing times from hours to minutes. The solution also allows them to move to real-time processing of critical information as needed.

Solution Highlights:

  • Automate the scheduling, loading,and cleansing of e-commerce data for both batch and interactive interfaces
  • Handles 95 percent of all inbound data for more than 90 brands
  • Implementation process for new clients is 60 to 70 percent more efficient
  • Automatically seeks out and identifies related entries within and across data sets, then instantly links, matches, and merges associated information to promote consistency