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Data Masking

Consistently and reliably mask large volumes of data at scale.

Data Masking

Get all of your data automatically masked or anonymized

Using production data as-is for analytics or for testing and development purposes is often not an option for data privacy and security reasons.

Ataccama offers a solution that automatically detects PII data in all source systems and consistently masks it to prevent leaks or theft, while maintaining data usability.

Ataccama data masking advantages

Automated discovery of sensitive data

Ataccama ONE automatically discovers PII and other sensitive data in all source systems and makes it easy for you to obtain a list of all objects that need to be masked.

Masked usable data

Masked data remains consistent in meaning with the original data, preserving its data quality and characteristics. It can be used with the same business logic, can be understood by users, and can be reliably consumed by applications and APIs.

Out-of-the-box masking components

Ataccama ONE comes with a set of pre-defined, easily tunable components for masking PII or other sensitive data. Additionally, you can create your own custom masking rules with an intuitive expression language.

Robust masking methods

Ataccama’s masking algorithms consistently mask data across different data sources and prevent the restoration of real data from the masked data.

Define once, use everywhere

Thanks to automated schema discovery and metadata-driven configuration, reuse sets of masking rules for different data sources without the need for additional data integration and ETL tools.

Automated masking workflows

Configurable masking pipelines, triggers, and workflows let you filter the data for masking, select the frequency, and limit the amount of data published to testing environments.