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Customer 360

Gain a better understanding of your customers, improve marketing and sales efficiency, and provide clean customer data to the whole organization

Full customer information at your fingertips

Increasingly, companies are embracing digital transformation and customer-centric business models. A Customer 360 solution from Ataccama gives you a complete, duplicate-free view of your customers so that you can improve the customer experience and provide reliable data for your analysts.

Full customer information at your fingertips
Take a look inside
View related customers, products, contacts, and more 360° view of your customer

A full picture of your customers

Save the time your employees spend looking for customer information by bringing it into a single customer view. See personal information alongside purchased products, transactions, and any other relevant information for each customer. Empower salespeople, marketing professionals, and support specialists to engage, nurture, and help your prospects and clients.

Support for data governance

A Customer 360 solution from Ataccama gives your data stewards full control over all data and enables them to correct and govern it as they see fit. Business workflow and manual issue resolution capabilities are available out of the box and can be configured to fit your organization’s business processes.

Full context

Browse relationships between customers, products they use, households they belong to, contracts they are involved in, legal entities they are connected to, and more in visual hierarchies.

Flexible configuration and integration

Provide or export data to downstream applications and BI tools. Enrich master customer records with any related information from other systems in your organization or external systems. Connect existing and build custom front-end applications on top of the master data hub or use the native Ataccama web application.

Beyond Customer 360

When you choose Ataccama for a Customer 360 solution, you get integrated Data Quality and a Customer Data Privacy solution out of the box. Seamlessly extend your solution to include comprehensive reference data management or DQ monitoring.

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