Master your data, master your business

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When you can provide complete, correct information across your enterprise, you can operate faster, more efficiently, and more effectively. Master Data Center (MDC) is a high-performance platform—optimized for demanding transactional environments—that makes consistent, accurate, and up-to-date data instantly available across a broad range of enterprise applications and internal systems.

MDC is fast, reliable, and designed to integrate with your existing infrastructure. Its advanced architecture and high-performance engine are specifically designed for demanding real-time and near-real-time environments, where millions of records must be handled. Moreover, it can instantly provide the accurate, consolidated data to a wide variety of enterprise applications, such as CRM, self-care systems, or analytical applications.

Best of all, MDC is part of the complete Ataccama family of products, providing industry-proven functionality together with ease of use, broad compatibility, and the ability to customize the solution to meet your specific business needs.


  • Based on DQC. At the core of MDC is the functionality of Ataccama Data Quality Center, since data quality is the foundation of any master data management or data governance effort.
  • Predefined business models and processes. MDC is bundled with pre-built business models and processes for quick implementation.
  • Support for different MDM styles and levels. MDC supports a broad range of master data management architectures and styles, and four different MDM levels.
  • A single window into your data. MDC Portal allows users to view and edit master data, process changes, and view reports across the data governance workflow.
  • Advanced architecture. MDC provides the power to process tens to hundreds of millions of records or provide sub-second response on complex online identification and unification requests.
  • Connectivity. Open standards capabilities and over 600 adaptors mean MDC provides nearly unlimited flexibility in integrating data from internal and external systems.


Enables key business processes

MDC serves as the core platform for customer processes and client segmentation.

Supports data mining

MDC enables creation of unique data utilized in data mining models such as trend predictions, irregularity detection, risks, future value, and many more.

Meets regulatory requirements

For example, for financial institutions, MDC implements one of the requisites for Basel Capital Accord II implementation, particularly concerning credit and behavioral scoring.

Fast results

MDC ships with pre-built vertical business models optimized for Customer, Contact, and Product business domains. Business processes can directly leverage deployment-ready master data management services, ranging from simple customer management to customer profile search, including unification with additional business entities.

The performance you need, today and tomorrow

MDC uses parallel data processing methods to ensure scalability, and is designed to handle extremely large data volumes in both batch and online processing modes.

Integrates with existing systems

MDC is designed to work seamlessly with existing systems, both internal and external, without requiring external tools or third-party applications. It is supplied with a number of interface modules for simple integration into your existing infrastructure. Support for open standards means it supports all existing database platforms—and those to come.

A better return on investment

MDC delivers all these benefits at a surprisingly low cost. Even better, it does not require a significant additional investment to create a data quality program across your systems and your company. Its advanced architecture means its platform requirements are significantly less than many competing systems.