Master Data Center

A high-performance, user-friendly platform that makes consistent, accurate, and up‑to‑date data instantly available across a broad range of enterprise applications and systems.

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Scalable MDM platform empowering business users

Ataccama Master Data Center (MDC) is an advanced, scalable, and highly available platform for consolidating and providing master & Reference data management tasks. It is a model and metadata-driven data processing system that enhances and complements Ataccama’s data quality engine.

In addition to the MDC back-end engine, Ataccama Master Data Admin (MDA) allows users to perform all of the critical Data Stewardship tasks—not only to browse, modify, search, and create master data through a web interface, but also to browse and manage graphical hierarchies.

Master Data Admin is designed specifically with data stewards in mind. Key features include:

  • Approval workflow—Multi-step approval workflow ensures correctbusiness processesfor manual datachanges. The workflow also enables data stewards to mark notable records for further review andstore them as drafts.
  • Data quality enforcement—Data quality is an important andinseparable part of anysuccessful masterdata management project. All steward inputs are subject to validation by the DQ engine, whichactsas a DQ Firewall and prevents the creation of discrepancies and duplicities.
  • Visualizations—Complex lineage, survivorship, record comparison,and a hierarchyviewer provide allnecessary information to support data stewards in day-to-day tasks.
  • Issue management—MDA provides data stewards with a list of tasksand issues relatedto masterrecords experiencing errors, and suggests solutions, such as matching proposals or correctvalues.

MDC can be used in combination with other Ataccama and third-party tools to administrate and manageany tasks related to data stored in an MDC repository—including a front end for data qualitymonitoring and trend reporting (DQ Dashboard), data quality issue and exception resolution (DQ IssueTracker), and keeping reference data up-to-date, valid, and available throughout your enterprise(Reference Data Manager). Third-party middleware systems may be used for generic DI, EAI, and BPMtasks.

Support for multiple scenarios

Customer Data Integration (CDI), Prospect Management, Product Catalogue Consolidation, ProductInformation Management (PIM).

Data stewardship & analysis

A user-friendly UI for business users with various intuitive data layouts andvisualizations, controlled user input, straightforward approval workflows and issue management.

Support for all common architecture styles

Consolidation style, Co-existence style, Centralized (System of Record) style, mixture of styles.

Enterprise-wide deployment

High availability, transactional consistency, monitoring, auditing, security, and permissions.

Comprehensive data quality

Full Ataccama DQC functionality, including Data Quality Firewall.

Product features

Model and metadata-driven

Ataccama MDC is configured via a configuration UI in a model-drivenprocess. Data models, eitherimported or created in MDC, drive the configuration of the entire hub. Models are fullyconfigurable, customizable, and allow for both extensions and upgrades. Templates can be customized,and various languages are supported.

Front-end stewardship

Working with master data is streamlined with our business workflow. Data stewardshave the ability to save important or interesting records for further action and easily accessdrafts.

Short time to deployment

Ataccama MDC is a pre-built framework with no further coding or programming required.After anecessary model-driven configuration, MDC will automatically generate a master data repository and aset of out-of-the-box online and batch interfaces.

Integration, SOA, Messaging

As part of the Ataccama ONE Platform, MDC can seamlessly integrate with otherAtaccama ONE modules.Integration with other source and consumer systems via batch interfaces (files, JDBC), onlineinterfaces (HTTP, JMS), and messaging (JMS) is easy to configure. MDC can read and write Hadoopfiles, and integrate with Stream and REST interfaces.


Ataccama MDC provides rich functionality with a very competitive cost and fast andeasyimplementation. In addition, by leveraging modern platform and code optimization techniques, thissolution requires significantly less powerful hardware than that of our competitors.

From DQ to MDM

MDC supports the transformation from data quality to master & reference data management. Anydata quality or data governance solution created using Ataccama tools can be quickly and easily usedas the base of your MDM hub.

Gartner recognition

Gartner positioned Ataccama on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Master Data Management of Customer DataSolutions in 2015.

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