Achieve vital business objectives with MDM

Is your customer or product data scattered across multiple systems? Does the absence of a single view of your data make your projects expensive and inaccurate? Create and manage a central repository of your key data assets to know your customer better, improve risk management, predict churn, detect fraud, implement accurate reporting and regulatory compliance (e.g., AML, BASEL, KYC, GDPR), and enhance security and data privacy.

Multi-domain mastering

Master your data domains (customer, supplier, product domains, and more). Consolidate multiple data views into one, and store your golden records in a clean business data management application available to your whole organization. Take advantage of predefined business models and processes to accelerate the implementation of your solution.

Reference data management

No more manually maintained spreadsheets and lists of values sent around in emails without any governance. Maintain consistent, valid, and available reference data across your entire enterprise in one place. Enforce business rules and data quality standards to drive smooth interoperability. Centralized ownership and accountability are key to creating trustworthy reference data.

Householding, aggregation, and categorization

Need to improve your campaign targeting? Leverage the information you have about your customers. Accurately group and categorize similar entities, identify relationships between individuals within same household, and use this knowledge to enhance the efficiency of your business processes.

Editing and authoring

Give your Data Stewards access to a full-featured, web-based UI. Let them search, browse, and edit any data maintained in your consolidated domain MDM hub. Give them a tool to review and manually influence the matching and golden record creation process, manage hierarchies, and assign and resolve data-related tasks.

Hierarchy management

Hierarchy management is key to discovering relationships between your data assets. Use our visual hierarchy browser to view, create, and maintain these relationships in your data (e.g. product trees, geographical hierarchies, etc.) without any limitations.

Master domain monitoring

Access business-relevant metadata for your consolidated domain in a neat dashboard. Keep your monitoring thorough with reporting overviews, detailed statistics, and lists of issues and irregularities. Audit any event or process across the solution in just a few clicks.

Analytical MDM on Data Lakes

Data Lakes provide benefits from pure processing power and scalability, excellent price to performance ratio, and unprecedented capacity. Successfully tackle your data lake challenges for dramatically shortened go-to-market times for new products, an individual approach to customers or micro segments, the ability to build customer and risk profiles from relevant data sources, and more.

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