Comprehensive data quality management

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Data Quality Center (DQC) provides a consistent, comprehensive tool that will allow you to address the full range of data quality issues—from data cleansing to matching—and prevent incorrect or incomplete data from gaining future entrance into your systems.

DQC is designed with a unique combination of ease of use, flexibility, and power. The application is bundled with predefined rules and dictionaries that enable you to quickly initiate your DQ processes. A powerful business rules engine and rich expression language allow for system customization according to your exact business needs. An advanced architecture also provides the performance and scalability to tackle large and increasing data volumes.

DQC can integrate into your existing IT infrastructure quickly and easily, providing a central interface that consistently applies data quality rules across all your systems, applications, data sources, and other points of entry. In addition, as part of the Ataccama family of products, DQC composes the centerpiece of a complete master data management or data governance solution.


  • Advanced architecture. Possesses the power to process tens to hundreds of millions of records, or provide sub-second response to complex online identification and unification requests.
  • Ease of use. Advanced interface and predefined rules permit easy and quick implementation.
  • Powerful business rules engine and expression language. Customize the system to your unique business needs.
  • Batch and online modes. Handle large data sources or provide data quality as a service to various systems in online mode.
  • Connectivity. Open standards capabilities and over 600 adaptors mean DQC provides nearly unlimited flexibility in accessing data from internal and external systems.
  • Extensive set of algorithms. DQC provides more than 100 algorithms, from the simple to the complex.
  • Extensibility. New algorithms or functions can be written in Java and added to the DQC engine.


A complete solution

DQC is designed to handle the complete spectrum of data quality requirements, from assessing data quality issues, through cleansing and matching, to creating a DQ firewall to prevent low quality data from entering your systems.

Consistent data quality throughout your organization

With DQC, you can consistently apply data quality rules and levels across all your systems, data sources, and points of entry from one central location. That means your business is always operating with the highest quality data.

Fast results

DQC is currently shipped with a number of ready-to-use data quality modules, more than 100 predefined algorithms, built-in samples, and a clean, easy-to-use interface. In a short amount of time, you can be running your own processes.

The performance you need, today and tomorrow

DQC is designed to handle extremely large data volumes in both batch and online processing modes, easily scalable as those volumes increase.

Completely customizable

The powerful engine at the heart of DQC, combined with the advanced expression language, empowers you to quickly and easily customize the system according to the needs of your business.

Bring it all together

DQC is designed to work seamlessly with existing systems, both internal and external, without requiring external tools or third-party applications. It is supplied with a number of interface modules for simple integration into your existing infrastructure. Support for open standards means it supports all existing database platforms—and those to come.

A better return on investment

DQC delivers all these benefits at a surprisingly low cost. Even better, it does not require significant additional investment to create a data quality program across your systems and your company. Its advanced architecture means its platform requirements are significantly less than a large number of competing systems.