Our Advanced Data Profiling Tool

The quickest, easiest way to start your data quality effort is to download a free copy of DQ Analyzer (DQA).

This is a complete, fully functional, unrestricted version of our advanced data profiling tool. DQA combines the same high-performance engine as our Data Quality Center, coupled with a point-and-click interface. It has the power required by data professionals but is easy enough for business managers to use.

Speed and Efficiency

In just a few minutes, DQA can process millions of records and provide you with vital statistics about the completeness and quality of the data in your information systems. It is a necessary first step to ensure you are using quality data to support your most important business decisions.

  • Same core technology as Data Quality Center
  • Complete, unrestricted copy available for free download
  • Easy-to use point-and-click interface
  • Ability to analyze millions of records in a few minutes
  • More than 20,000 licenses distributed worldwide

Download DQA