Data Quality

A user-friendly web application that enables data stewards and business users to continuously monitor data quality, view its current state, track trends, and use this insight to make informed business decisions.

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Along with Data Quality Issue Tracker (DQIT), DQD runs on top of the DQC engine to complete the Ataccama ONE Data Quality & Governance solution.

  • Data Quality Center (DQC)—a powerful, business rule driven engine for complex data curation that enables you to transform, standardize, cleanse, validate, correct, and enrich your data, and prevent incorrect data from entering your systems.
  • Data Quality Issue Tracker (DQIT)—a web application that allows data stewards to resolve various data quality issues that cannot be managed or fixed automatically and require their approval or other manual intervention.

The diagram below depicts a typical Data Quality process employing these key components:

Data Quality process

DQD is an ideal tool for businesses seeking to monitor data quality continuously. With the ability toobtain snapshots of system data quality at any given time, DQD provides clear statistical visualization of the current state of data, as well as quick, accurate identification of data quality trends. Thisinsight allows company decision-makers to make informed choices about future business processes.

DQ Dashboard monitors the fulfillment rate of rules defined by data stewards for entities, attributes, and data domains. The module includes trending analysis, custom alerts, and sharing of configured dashboards.

Product features

Customizable dashboard

The product contains multiple levels of customizable dashboards, offering a master Dashboard for aquick management overview of data quality, an admin-defined Dashboard with key metrics visible to all users, as well as a user-defined Dashboard with metrics and charts that are specific to each user.

User-defined alerts

DQ Dashboard supports configurable alerts to keep users informed of critical metric violations. User-defined actions can be triggered, followed by direct dashboard visualization or email notifications (alerting the responsible person).

Data domain independent

DQ Dashboard is completely independent of data domain. It monitors the quality of your customer and product data at the same time.

Drill to detail

To further support the root-cause analysis, all rules allow the user to drill to detail to the original records to see the context of the problem.

Rules definition visualization

The rules definition is visible in the web-based application, allowing for a quick understanding of the invalid data’s cause. Aside from the number of invalid records, DQD also provides the user witha detailed breakdown that explains the cause of the invalidity, whether the original value is missing, insufficiently populated, or incorrect.

Ease of use

DQ Dashboard uses a modern web-based user interface with minimal requirements on the client machine—only a web browser is necessary.

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