Ataccama ONE Profiler

Take the first step to better data quality. Find out what’s in your data—from incorrect or missing values to duplicates and more — with our online profiling app.

Start profiling

Make smarter decisions and prevent costly mistakes

In order to make the right business decisions, you have to first understand the data. Data discovery and profiling should always be the first step in any data project.

Ataccama ONE Profiler is a reliable, collaborative, and sleek cloud application for data profiling. It is a free module of Ataccama ONE platform — the one platform you will need to analyze, process, manage, and monitor your data. No installation, hardware, or support investment. Create an account, profile your data, share with your colleagues, and start collaborating on your data quality project.

Product Sheet

Data Profiling

Discover, analyze, and understand critical patterns in your data. Visualize the frequency, domain, and mask analysis of values, uncover complex dependencies between data attributes, and test relationships between entities. An accurate picture of your data is just one profile away.

Metadata Discovery & Definition

Overloaded with hundreds or thousands of unknown datasets? Afraid of the sheer amount of manual configuration it will take to start working with your data? Employ smart, automated metadata discovery algorithms instead—and spend your time where it really counts.

Business Benefits

Get an objective picture of data quality—instantly

Facilitate and accelerate data quality initiatives

Prevent making risky decisions based on inaccurate data

Completely free for commercial use

Product Features

Collaboration and ease of use

Stay in sync with access to a shared metadata repository and communicate with your team in a sleek interface.

Unlimited access from anywhere

Never bother with downloading and installing the Data Profiler on another device. Simply log in to your account and continue profiling.

Automatic upgrades

Always waiting for software updates to install? We upgrade the Data Profiler continuously.

Prefer to work locally?

Download DQ Analyzer our free desktop data profiler and join our 20,000+ active users.

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