Make your Hadoop life easy

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Big Data Engine (BDE) helps you be more productive with Hadoop. Use a familiar interface while enjoying broad range of data integration, manipulation, and transformation features. Have your logic executed as Hadoop-native code—no performance or scalability compromises. Spend less time on integrating and more time on putting big data into business use.

Not sure if big data solutions are relevant to your organization? Try the complimentary Big Data Test Drive. Give us a call to kick off your Hadoop initiative with our free offering: Hadoop cluster setup, data assessment, evaluation of potential big data ideas, and implementation of one big data idea.


  • User-friendly. Advanced interface and predefined rules permit easy and quick implementation.
  • Effective development. The powerful engine combined with the advanced expression language empowers you to seamlessly customize the system according to the needs of your business.
  • Scalable and fast. Enough power to process vast numbers of records, or provide sub-second response to complex requests.
  • Runs on Hadoop. Enjoy key features of Hadoop, such as massive parallel processing, scale-out nature, fault tolerance, and memory management.
  • Connects to HDFS data and other common sources. Nearly unlimited flexibility in accessing data from internal and external systems.
  • Leverages MapReduce for execution on a Hadoop cluster. Use visual tools to design any data transformation, cleansing, and integration—no more need for Java coding.
  • Self-documented data transformation code and processes.
  • Advanced configuration for experienced users. Unlimited flexibility based on rich expression language, including regular expressions.



Significantly faster time to market
Great increase in development productivity
Lower dependency on a single genius developer
Quick “try and discard” approach to test new data hypotheses