Big data can be hard. Let’s make it nice.

Integrated platform with full Hadoop support

Powerful modules

All of the modules are part of a single integrated platform with an easy-to-use development interface (GUI), shared metadata, and rich data integration layer often replacing specialized ETL technologies.


Big Data Analyzer (BDA)

Data processing tool focused on data profiling.


Big Data Engine (BDE)

Java-based data processing platform focused on data quality functions.


High performance

Ataccama has always been focused on high performance data processing. The whole platform now accommodates key Hadoop features, such as massive parallel processing, scale-out nature, fault tolerance, memory management, etc.

Rich functionality

Visual data designer, shared metadata, and advanced administration and processing tools are now available to anyone who needs to profile, map, model, process, transform, cleanse, enrich, and integrate data with Hadoop.

Features that are both required and appreciated by the most demanding corporate clients:

  • Data Profiling (BDA, BDE)
  • Data Discovery (BDA, BDE)
  • Data Integration (BDE)
  • Rule Engine (BDE)
  • Data Standardization, Cleansing, and Enrichment (BDE)
  • Match & Merge, Golden Record creation (BDE)
  • Master Data Management (MDC)
  • Reference Data Management (RDM)
  • Data Quality Dashboard (DQD)
  • Data Quality Workflow (DQIT)

Satisfied customers

Some of our major customers, such as Societe Generale, BMO, American Airlines, GlaxoSmithKline, or Canadian Tire are using Ataccama platform as part of their mission-critical processes.

Complimentary Big Data Test Drive

Give us a call to kick off your Hadoop initiative with our Big Data Test Drive offering:

  • Hadoop cluster setup
  • Data assessment
  • Assessment of potential big data ideas
  • Implementation of one big data idea

Overcoming big data adoption barriers with Ataccama

Ataccama is ready to help organizations looking into big data opportunities:

  • No more need for Java coding. Ataccama offers visual tools to profile your Hadoop data and design any data transformation, cleansing, and data integration in generalall of this executed as a Hadoop-native MapReduce code.
  • No more waste of precious time and capacity of your Data Scientists, who now spend most of their time preparing data.

Get in touch with us to see how Ataccama can help embrace your big data and kick off the Hadoop initiative.