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Data Quality Analyzer

Take the first step to better data quality. Find out what’s in your data—from incorrect or missing values to duplicates and more—with our free desktop data profiler.

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Make smarter decisions and prevent
costly mistakes

In order to make the right business decisions, you have to first understand the data. Data discovery and profiling should always be the first step in any data project.

DQ Analyzer is a powerful and market-popular desktop application for advanced data profiling. It reveals the contents of your data in minutes and easily integrates with more advanced Ataccama ONE modules. While DQ Analyzer uncovers problems with your data, other Ataccama ONE modules will further help you transform, standardize, cleanse, validate, correct and enrich your data.

Data Profiling

Discover, analyze, and understand critical patterns in your data. Visualize the frequency, domain, and mask analysis of values, uncover complex dependencies between data attributes, and test relationships between entities. An accurate picture of your data is just one profile away.

Make smarter decisions and prevent
costly mistakes

Get an objective picture of data quality—instantly

Facilitate and accelerate data quality initiatives

Prevent making risky decisions based on inaccurate data

Completely free for commercial use

DQ Analyzer Features

JDBC Reader

Reads data directly from a database such as Oracle, MS SQL, Sybase, etc.

Regex Matching

Allows flexible parsing and matching using regular expressions

Text File Reader

Reads data from a delimited text file, such as CSV

Fixed-Width File Reader

Reads data from a text file with fixed width columns


Splits the data stream based on a condition

Union Same

Combines data streams that have the same format

Column Assigner

A powerful and robust business-rules engine that allows the use of complex expressions


Flexible, fully configurable data profiler

Take the next step to improved data quality

Identifying issues in your data is the first critical step in any data quality initiative. Ready to do something about the problems you uncovered? Upgrade to Ataccama ONE modules for Data Quality & Governance to cleanse, standardize, de-duplicate, geocode, and otherwise correct, and enrich your data.

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