Intelligent Data Stories

Make data graspable for everyone, present complex facts and wow all stakeholders. And do it all with live data.

Ataccama Data Stories
Ataccama Data Stories
Ataccama Data Stories

Don't just visualize data. Tell data stories.

Animated steps

Use animation steps to transition between charts, add additional information, highlight specific data, or explain what’s shown on the chart.

Dynamic insights

Readers shouldn’t have to work hard to interpret what’s important in your charts. You can show them with dynamic insights that highlight important information.

Time Machine

Our Time Machine Chart is great for showing changes happening through time. Auto-animate your charts and see historical data pop.

Rich visuals library

Maps, charts, explainers, hero images, computed facts, data highlights for readers. All the widgets are dynamic, animated and filtrable… and they make your data sparkle.

Headings Headings
Paragraph Paragraph
Table Table
Bar chart Bar chart
Pie chart Pie chart
Line chart Line chart
Bar multiseries Bar multiseries
Doughnut chart Doughnut chart
Line multiseries Line multiseries
Sparkline chart Sparkline chart
Sparkline doughbut chart Sparkline doughnut chart
Category chart Category chart
Scatter chart Scatter chart
Bubble chart Bubble chart
Comparison chart Comparison chart
Heatmap chart Heatmap chart
Histogram chart
Histogram selection Histogram selection
Line time comparsion Line time comparsion
Heat map Heat map
Arc map Arc map
Hexagon map Hexagon map
Scatter map Scatter map
Scatter map Timemachine scatter map
Country map Country map
Hero shape Hero shape
Hero image Hero image
Multiseries formula Multiseries formula

Features that help you tell and share your data stories

Easy data management

Find the right record with search and filter the results by user, workflow state, or any other attribute. Save your filters for later.

Data import options

Google Drive
Ataccama DQ

Render video for social media

Videos can engage your audience like nothing other. Now you can render your data story directly as a animated video and share

Data quality evaluation, monitoring & reporting

Publish or embed on the web

Share the entire story or a dashboard with a public URL or embed individual elements into your own site or blog article.

Data quality evaluation, monitoring & reporting

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