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UK charitable organization

The charity implemented Ataccama ONE MDM to master and consolidate enterprise-wide data into a platform that could be shared across the organization as a single version of the truth.

Business objective & project requirements

The charity wanted to implement a comprehensive MDM solution to master and consolidate enterprise-wide data from multiple source systems in one place. They also wanted to learn more about their supporters and their journey with the organization to improve marketing campaigns.

  1. Implement a shared data platform to enable the consolidation of enterprise-wide data into an environment that could be shared across the organization as a single version of the truth.
  2. Master supporter records from multiple disparate systems so that they could understand everything about the supporter and the journey they took within the charity.
  3. The organization wanted to become a decision-led organization based on evidence and known data quality, so they also utilize the Ataccama ONE Data Quality Management module to better understand the quality of data which they use for reporting and analysis.

Initial data challenges

The organization originally had data in a number of enterprise data solutions and spreadsheet proliferation across the organization. They wanted to consolidate that data into a single reporting structure.

  • Supporter data was stored in at least 4 different systems. The charity wanted golden records located in one place to be used for targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Employee and volunteer data was also held in at least 4 different systems and the organization wanted to bring them together in one place and remove duplicates.

Solution & benefits

Cooperation with Ataccama laid the foundation for the company to move towards:

Understanding their supporters and their journey within the charity which is used for better marketing campaigns and analysis.

Removing duplicates from their marketing records.

Understanding their key data quality items including data assets that are used for quarterly performance reports which enables them to drive a culture of improved data quality throughout the organization.


The organization utilized the Ataccama ONE platform module for Master Data Management. Ataccama ONE MDM is an advanced, scalable, highly available module for managing and consolidating data, and providing master and reference data management tasks. Model and metadata-driven data processing enhances and complements Ataccama ONE data quality features and capabilities.

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