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Virtual Case Study: How to Master your Data Supply Chain with a Data Fabric

Simple and efficient data handling is essential in today's supply chains, but creating a cohesive data structure that achieves this is still a challenge for many companies. Critical issues, such as material compliance, pull data from multiple sources creating an untameable data environment. As a result, more organizations are responding to this challenge with a "data fabric", identified by Gartner as a top technology trend for 2022, to create a single point for anyone in their business to access the high-quality data they need

Join this German-language fireside webinar as expert speakers explore how a data supply chain and a "data fabric can support your organization by:

- Creating data-efficient processes in a special case study with material compliance - Accelerating data and business processes - Unlocking data value to drive business transformation and speed up data management and governance

Exploring this topic are Stephan Friese, CEO of atnexxus, and Jurgen Brunner, Senior Account Executive at Ataccama. This session is free to attend and includes a live Q&A.

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