Big Data Engine

Die Big Data Engine von Ataccama ist für hohe Leistung, Skalierbarkeit und schnelle Verarbeitung großer Datenmengen ausgelegt.

Big Data Engine

Ataccama ONE Big Data Processing & Integration is architected for high performance and scalability, offering rich, built-in features that respond to a range of data transformation needs. Use Ataccama ONE to quickly understand and explore data in your data lake, rapidly process enormous volumes of data, and conduct a detailed data quality analysis before executing necessary transformations.

Ataccama ONE Big Data Processing covers the entire data integration, ingestion, transformation, preparation, and management process, including data extraction, import to a data lake and Hadoop, cleansing, and general processing. This ensures data is ready for further analytics at the right place and time, and in the right format.

All configuration happens through an intuitive interface, allowing business users to process and shape data without the need for Hadoop-specific knowledge such as MapReduce or Spark.

Use cases

Use Ataccama ONE for these big data processing and integration tasks:

  • General data processing & integration
  • IoT and streaming data integration
  • Data catalog & business glossary for data lakes
  • Transformations, aggregations, data enrichment, and more
  • Matching on Hadoop
  • Quality control in transactional and analytical applications through a business-friendly interface
  • Cleansing and unification in system migrations
  • Quality assurance in software integration projects
  • Data quality improvement in address and contact information
  • Data cleansing and unification for client identification purposes
  • Profiling, validation and correction of incomplete records as part of data integration project analysis
  • Detecting inconsistencies and irregular patterns for fraud prevention and more
  • Data preparation for further analytical use


Seamless migration between local and big data environments, as existing configurations can be run on any environments without any changes or need for recompilation.

Support for elastic computing/big data processing on demand: Profile, process, and cleanse your data on automatically provisioned clusters with support for Azure HDInsight, Amazon EMR, Google Dataproc, Databricks, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and MapR clusters. MapReduce, Spark, and Spark 2 engines are utilized.

Data lake ready: Integrate, transform and enrich your data with external sources, with support for HDFS, Azure Data Lake Storage, Amazon S3, and other S3 compatible object storages. AWS Glue Data Catalog, Hive, HBase, Kafka, Avro, Parquet, ORC, TXT, CSV, and Excel are also supported.

Support for IoT and Spark Streaming, including streaming integration with Apache Kafka, Apache NiFi, and Amazon Kinesis.

Unique profiling: Enjoy rapid data analysis and advanced semantic profiling functionality.

Advanced core functionality: A set of algorithms (capable of hierarchical unification by identifier keys, irrespective of internal data structures) can perform approximate matching during record unification.

Hadoop MapReduce and Apache Spark native support: All calculations and processing are executed directly on a cluster, with no need to remove any data from Hadoop. Based on cluster characteristics, the solution is automatically translated into a series of MapReduce jobs, or directly utilizes Spark. Ataccama ONE supports all major Hadoop distributions.

Rich data integration and data preparation capabilities for data engineers and data scientists. Profile, asses, transform, and join your datasets in a data lake and in the cloud.

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