[Webinar] Advancing Data Governance: Escape Excel Spreadsheets & Manage Your Reference Data Centrally

Nov 13, 1:00 pm EST

Excel is a great tool—but not for reference data management. Is your organization too reliant on manual data processing? Do you have reference data scattered across multiple source systems? If your business and IT users are frustrated by lengthy processes, a lack of accountability, and low reference data quality, join our webinar and learn how to improve data governance with a single version of truth for your reference data.

You will see a demo of Ataccama ONE | Reference Data Management and learn how to:

  • Maintain reference data centrally
  • Enforce business rules and data quality standards on your reference data
  • Validate the quality of what is being entered
  • Keep track of all changes in history
  • Audit who did what
  • Synchronize a central reference data hub with other systems
  • Easily provide consistent reference data to any system/user
  • Improve reporting

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