University of ArizonaThe Management Information Systems (MIS) graduate program at the University of Arizona, part of the Eller College of Management, is one of the top rated programs of its kind in the United States. It has been recognized for the strength of its academic program in rankings published by US News and World Report, as well as for the influential research published by the faculty.

It is for the benefit of all companies alike to understand and meet the demands of their customer base. To effectively ensure the right campaigns are targeted to the right audiences, every enterprise tries to collect as much information as possible. A step further is an approach known as “event-driven marketing,” a solution that enables companies to tactfully deliver marketing campaigns in response to a customer’s real-life event.

Bank of MontrealThe quality of customer data needs to be assessed on a constant basis in order to identify data quality trends and apply timely measures to mitigate them. The business has defined a very complex set of business rules for measuring the data quality of data elements, records or groups of records.

Raiffeisenbank group

Post-acquisition customer unification in Raiffeisenbank.


Publishing companyAtaccama Data Quality Center (DQC) cleansed and consolidated customer data from the primary system for the purposes of presenting printed directories on the internet.